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Daphne and The Fuzz

by Daphne and The Fuzz

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Daphne and the Fuzz have been introduced to us with their first single "Doop Doop", which soon became a radio hit and was included in the Inner Ear anniversary compilation "Inn Pop". This spring will see the release of their self-titled debut.

Daphne Lazou could be the girl next door, but a few minutes in her music world are enough to make you understand that she is special. The 10 songs of this impressive debut were written during the period 2011-2015 and are just the beginning of our acquaintance with the young songwriter with the charismatic voice. Vintage pop melodies that flirt with soul and blues through the prism of Beatles “Abbey Road”, groovy basslines and dreamy melotron arrangements, accompanied by lyrics that narrate stories about love, adulthood, expectations and big dreams.

The album was recorded in 2015 with producer Alex Bolpasis. Using a reel to reel tape machine on various aspects of the production and recording a live rhythm section helped the band create a pleasantly warm retro sound.

Available on vinyl, cd and digital album from Inner Ear.


released March 18, 2016

Daphne and The Fuzz
Daphne Lz – vocals
Giannis Rallis – guitars, acoustic guitar, steel guitar, backing vocals
Orestes Benekas – keys, piano
Vasilis Nissopoulos – bass, percussion, ukulele, backing vocals
Dimitris Doumouliakas – drums, percussion

All songs written by Daphne Lz
Performed by Daphne and The Fuzz
Arranged by Vasilis Nissopoulos, Giannis Rallis, Orestes Benekas

Produced by Alex Bolpasis
Mixed and recorded by Alex Bolpasis at Artracks recording Studios
Assistant Engineer / production coordination by Vasilis Nissopoulos
tape transfer by costas ragiadakos at unreal studios
Mastered by Yiannis Christodoulatos at SweetSpot Productions

Artwork by Vasiliki Geti
Photography by Effie Emmanouilidi


all rights reserved



Daphne and The Fuzz Athens, Greece

Daphne and the Fuzz narrate coming-of-age stories within vintage pop melodies that bring together groovy basslines and dreamy arrangements. Their debut album was released in 2016 from Inner Ear. Daphne's self-directed music videos complement the band's distinctive sound, whereas their live performances create the perfect circumstances to dream and fall in love. ... more

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Track Name: Burn Down Your House
Memories and we fall behind
Man should fall but then stand
So I’ll tear all your photos and set them on fire
So I could make my brand new start
Quotes and gifts straight to the trash
Whatever, there were a few
Like the love you tried to offer, like our true happy days
Now I’m beginning anew
And If I could I would kill you
I would burn down your house
Burn down your house
Don’t care anymore about your sweet mom
Or your brand new guitar
Brand new guitar
You’d vanish in flames, become just some ash
You’d be out of this world and apparently out of my life
I pick up my tears and my heart
You don’t deserve them and that is for sure
I’ll keep them in store, you’ll never know
Why do I keep them and for whom
It hurt so much that time, I’ll probably not try again
To believe in a soulmate, a lover, a friend
It’s so fucking hard to go on
Goodbye my baby, we won’t meet again
I spread all your ashes in the ocean
Track Name: Wisdom Teeth
My wisdom teeth are showin'
I guess I might be growing
I guess I 'm growing old and I should start to act my age
I found a full time job
I'm wide awake since dawn
Forget about the parties go to bed at ten
It's so sad to forget what is to be young
Soon I should find
Find a man and settle down
My wisdom teeth are finally showin’
But I'm too young for any wisdom
I guess I'll just keep on going
My wisdom teeth are showin’
I guess I might be growing
My parents dream of grandkids, I 'm still trying to act my age
Friends are getting married
Making money, making plans
I'm still trying to figure out what should I have for lunch
Wisdom's made of memories, experiences relationships
Age is just a number after all
One day we'll be white and tired
Wisdom teeth will all be black
So why hurrying up?
So why just don't we live?
So why not dance till comes the sun?
Tomorrow’s Sunday
Track Name: My Nights
I bought some new satin sheets
There's no one to sleep with in it
I found a new hipster club
There's no one to take me out
I wrote some new lyrics down
But there is no one to hang around and sing them with my heart
I 'm reading an awesome book
I could be its heroine
But there's no one around
To be my young handsome prince
I heard there is a new Woody Allen film
But there is no one to watch it with him
Oh why, oh why
Mornings are so empty lately?
My nights are full of lights
They last until dawn comes but blank feelings don't let me
Go to sleep peacefully
But if there was you, or someone like you
Or if there was someone at all
Cuddle after cuddle
Kiss after kiss
Lips that don't resist
Eyes in the mist
Bodies dancing in the dark
Sighs that don't rest
The stars at their best
My nights full of lust
Track Name: Exile
In my land of exile your eyes will still shine
Your eyes will still shine open or shut
I found my way to eternity
Through the perfect mix of our frequencies
You’ve taught me how to choose to stay
And fight for what you’re believing in
In my land of exile our roads go side by side
Go side by side but never meet
If not today then maybe someday
I’ll wear your velvet or fly away
But sing my song as if it were yours
My truth, my inspiration all yours
Track Name: I'll Shine
Hello moon
It’s such a rainy night
And you’re standing alone
You cannot be seen
The clouds in the sky
They’re so jealous of you
They won’t let you shine
But I know there’ll be time
When you’ll be the king of the sky
The star that shines
You’ll make us feel fine
For these times, boy, I live
Tonight I am standing all alone
But I don’t feel lonely at all
I like to be on my own
Oh my sweet moon how alike we are!
We might be alone but I know there’ll be time
I’ll shine
I’ll make you feel fine
For these times, boy, I live
Track Name: Happy
If I knew the reason why when you touch me I don’t get high I’d be happy
And if I know the reason why when I touch you don’t get shy I’d be happy
I don’t have a clue why do I love you
And I don’t understand how this can be true
My fantasy is just a fraud
I should be left alone at home
If I knew the reason why when you touch me I don’t get high I’d be happy
If I know the reason why when I touch you don’t get shy I’d be happy
And If I knew the reason why maybe then I’d touch the sky and be happy
Track Name: Unexistable
Unexistable love you suddenly came
Then why did you fill my heart with so much pain?
My heart belongs to you, your eyes are in my mind
But I’ll never have your heart, love at last lies
Love fades and love lies
Love causes so much pain and heart slowly dies
In love there are no rules, love is no just a game
Love comes and someday goes
In love there is no gain
Unexistable love I wish I could tell you
That my whole world hangs on you
That I could die for you
Track Name: Purple Lightning
All the streetlights were off
All the music stopped
No shadows on the walls
And a voice from a man that falls
I dreamt of that purple lightning
Now I know what it is
It’s killing me
Now I know what it is
Alone in this deserted town
Hounding me
Hunting me
Haunting me
Purple lightning takes over this town
Purple lightning takes over my head
Purple lightning takes over my mind
Purple lightning is mesmerizing me
Me blinded by light
Lost in this mazy night
Looking for a shadow on the wall
Before it’s too late and I fall
Track Name: Journey To Mars
Are you ready for a journey you don't know where you’ll land?
Leave your plane frights, leave your worries all behind
And just fly with your freedom bags
Just fly with me
There is no destination
Forget about devotion
Let it be
So this will be the trip of your life
Not going back
Leave this world
This miserable, self-destructive, so fucked up world
This is your chance
Are you ready? Are you ready?
Let us fly to Mars
It's a one way trip
It is just for me
I will be dreaming on Mars until I die
You are asking why
I want to say goodbye
To my life, to you and mom
Cause on Earth there is no fun
There is no place for dreaming and falling in love
My only chance
Are you ready? Are you ready?
Floating, leaving... Heading to the sun!
Track Name: I Lost My Inspiration
Thought that it would be the best for me
The craziest experience a woman can live
Thought that I would let myself travel in time
But you know baby always it’s all on your mind
Waiting for so long has been my spoiler
Looking for adventure, nothing else would give me joy
But now lost in my plans
Nothing went wrong
But I don’t wanna sing, I don’t wanna feel it
I don’t wanna face it, even if it’s you
And the sky is still baby blue
And my heart is pink as a child’s
And the feeling grows at times
But nothing will change what you’ve been through
I’ve lost my inspiration
Where is my expectation?
It’s gone along with the song
Now it’s gone
The song is gone

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